Why Join Us?

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Develop your skills



Supporting you as an Consultant

Throughout your time with us, we will run a number of evets and support you to make the most of the experience
Image of induction
  • Induction Evening

    We provide a comprehensive introduction. Allowing you to start developing bonds with your team and how to begin going about your project.

  • Training evenings

    Weekly Project Management and Group Facilitations provided by our committee and tailored to the needs of YCC.

  • Committee

    Each team is provided with a Strategy Partner to assist every step of the way. Plus we have members of the committee working on Marketing, Tech and HR. They are always on hand for support.

  • External Mentor

    A professional working in consultancy with interests aligned with your project. Each project team will have a dedicated mentor. Weekly meetings will be organised to provide critical feedback. That way you can enhance your ideas and structure your approach.

Improve Employability

Networking opportunities

We run events with outside sponsors and other socieites which can allow you to meet likemened people

Interested in getting involved?

Get in contact with us here if you wish to work with us, or if you are interested in joining see vacancies.